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  1. Prachi Kurkute


    तुम्हाला यशाची शिखरे गाठताना बघून आमची मान अभिमानने उंचावते. तुमचं करियर, वर्क-लाईफ बॅलन्स कौतुकास्पद आहे आणि या सगळ्यात तुमचा साधेपणा खरंच भावून जातो. तुम्ही आम्हा सगळ्यांसाठी एक inspiration आहात. तुम्हाला तुमच्या पुढच्या वाटचालीसाठी खूप खूप शुभेच्छा!! 🙂

    -प्राची कुरकुटे

    (translated for English readers)
    Superb Animaji!! I am very proud of your work. It is really great to see you working in a very challenging field, your skills to manage work-life balance. On top of that, your simplicity, it’s amazing. You are truly an inspiration!! __/\__
    All The very Best for your future endeavors!! 🙂

    -Prachi Kurkute



    Hi Anima,

    I follow u on facebook, whenever I see ur post, I get energy to advance towards my dream.
    My wife is from Dhule, she also is a mad fan of you.
    Best wishes for your journey in space, Keep inspiring.

    Manish Kondhare,


    1. Thanks a bunch Manish! I am so happy to hear my posts motivate you to work towards your dream! Convey my hello to your wifey please! 🙂 Thanks for your wishes and I certainly will ! 🙂


  3. Shreya Mane

    Thanks for this website, it will help us. It will surely help mi to fullfill my dream. And your work is inspiration for me. I always support you and your work. All the best wishes to your future mam and thank you for such an inspirational website. I am Proud of you mam!


  4. Monika Bhavsar

    hello mam,
    you are inspiration for us………this website will be very very useful for us to work towards our dream….thank you so much…all the best.


  5. Komal Ashok Karale

    Hello mam…
    You are one of the person whom I admire… You are a leaving legend for me… Now no one can tell me that I can’t be an astronaut…. You have settled a great example…. I have joined on your Facebook Account….So whenever I see your images. my mind started thinking that one day I will be there in the deepest Space and I will make my dream true…..


  6. Vinod Rajput

    Dear Anima Di,
    Congratulations for your achievement, you makes us proud and established yourself as an example not only for women but for the men too! I am feeling privileged because I know you since my childhood, myself, my siblings are ex-student of Challenge classes Jalgaon…Patil sir surely a proud Dad in the town.
    You are the real inspiration for all aspirants all over the world where the traditions, social constraints, lack of science-technology awareness, poverty and family needs could not let the young generations to pursue their dreams and hobbies as their profession. I liked a lot your simple, honest and humble story at
    Few of the sentenced and references in the stories feels us like you are an ordinary women has mold yourself to become something special!! Especially where you referenced that you did MCA and then had a struggle in getting IT (industrial training) and initial job. Which is exactly we have had experienced in Mumbai/Pune because that time even our NMU not well know and later you went on working Visa, tried hard to pursue your dream in US!! That’s keeps us more relevant to you and really encouraged us to do our job best no matter whatever we do now. Your struggle as an INDIAN mom…..Hats off!! It really inspires many INDIAN families and parents.
    I wish you would be younger enough till you feels and continue flying with your dreams 🙂


  7. Snehal M. Nanavare

    Hi Mam,
    First congratulations for your achievement. I have listened your video lecture just before few hours conducted by Mrs.Manisha Patil (Y.C.Institute Of Science,Satara). It was awesome & nice.Actually I would like to ask you that, “What is your role as an Software Engineer i.e. coding or Software Testing ? And how did you started your career after completing your BE ? Had you completed any special courses for entering in NASA ?” Best wishes for your future. Have a nice & healthy life ahead.

    Thanking You,
    Snehal M. Nanavare


  8. Hi Anima, I hope you’re very well… I’m a reporter at the Mercury News in San Jose, and I’m hoping to interview you for a regular feature Q&A we run prominently in the paper and online. Possible? Thanks!

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  9. Neeti Prakash Sonth

    Hi Anima. All this while, I had Kalpana Chawla as my idol and I was highly inspired by her. Now, I have a new role model- thats you. To pursue my dreams of becoming a space buff and to get into NASA, I have come for my masters program this August to University of Colorado Boulder in electrical engineering (with specialization in electromagnetics, antennas and remote sensing). I am taking a few aerospace courses too. However, I am more inclined in physics and electronics of satellites and spacecrafts rather than machines and designing of it- hence didnt take up aerospace engineering. I plan to continue phd here- and get into a space-research company thereafter. I am ecstatic at the innumerable NASA-affiliated projects that this university takes up. Barring all that, my only concern is an American citizenship. How did you tackle this ITAR restriction to get into NASA? Most of space companies here in US, don’t take international students, as you had already mentioned. Is there any other way to it?


    1. Hi Neeti, Welcome to the US and hope you have a great time doing your MS. I have been asked these similar questions by several grad students from India who are studying here, I think it’s about time I update my “Answering your questions” page with details on how I came to work for NASA :-). And I wish there was a better, simpler answer I could give you all, but yes one does have to be a US Citizen to come work for NASA.

      But I will answer your question here as well. I got to work for NASA as a Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Kepler Mission only after I became a US Citizen. You will find more details on when and how I came to the US in this elaborate article on my journey so far:

      Pasting here some excerpts from the article above for your quick reference:

      On moving to the US from India:

      After 2.5 years in Mumbai we got the opportunity to come to the US on the H1B visa through the same company. In March 2000, we came to San Jose, California where we started settling in new jobs and making our new home here…………………..

      On finding her true goal and the importance of persistence:

      …………………….. I saw hope of doing something here so with a full-time job as software engineer and with a 3 year old, I applied and got accepted for my second Masters – MS Aerospace Engineering degree at San Jose State University. While studying I kept applying at NASA, Lockheed, Space Systems – all local Bay Area aerospace companies for jobs. But I wasn’t a citizen and so I wouldn’t get any calls. I kept at it though. By the time I completed my second Masters, I had my second son! I did complete my MS with a decent GPS 3.24 /4 – not bad for a full-time mom and working woman! I completed the degree in 2010 but still had no success in getting even a call from NASA.

      On that phone call from NASA:

      In 2012 when I was couple months away from becoming a citizen, I got a call from the hiring manager for a position on Kepler Mission. His first question was are you a US citizen and when he found out I was about to become one he called me in for an interview. One interview with about 10-12 scientists, managers and engineers and I landed the job. They liked my Aerospace and Software engineering background. I enjoyed working on Kepler as a Senior Principal Software Engineer in Operations Engineer role.

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      1. Neeti Prakash Sonth

        Woow yeah. thanks a lot for the reply and yeah, thanks for that link too. Read that. It am awed by your passion and fearlessness. Indeed, no one would have anticipated that a mother of a kid would pursue a second masters for a goal that is so difficult to achieve. Your grit and determination has made me stronger. No words could describe the feat you have achieved- and you have made India proud. It is especially nice to feel that you have created a website for all young budding Indians (especially ladies) out there to achieve their dreams. Frankly speaking, I did not expect a reply so soon – considering the busy schedule you would be having. Thanks a lot for the spontaneous reply 🙂

        Congrats and all the best. Keep reaching out to the stars 🙂


  10. Thanks for your kind words Neeti and I am happy I could help in atleast some small way. I have miles to go before I reach the tough goal, but I am enjoying the journey meanwhile.

    I do my best to reply right away because if I put it off for later, I get involved in my routine and it gets put off forever! 🙂


  11. Animaji,

    Sister I am proud of you, I have emailed you my concern regarding 3D visuals…… its a ”deadly dream” sis. I have emailed you, please if you get time please do check that, but i think its the better medium to talk to you.

    i am Saud from linkedin


  12. Ramesh Kadaganchi

    Hi Anima,

    Season’s greetings. My Name is Ramesh Kadaganchi, I live in Pune. My daughter’s inspiration in the field of Aerospace is something similar to your inspirations, Kalpana Chawla was her first inspiration point since childhood and after reading your story she is more inspired.. She is planning to do Aerospace Engineering from US Universities. Currently she is in 12’th Grade in Pune. She has applied to few universities like Purdue, University of ILL Urbana Champaign, Virginitia tech, Georgia Tech, University of Texas ( Austin), for Aerospace undergraduate program.

    We have got your reference from Venkatesh Kulkarni ( Lives in Boston), His wife Vaishali has given details to us. Venkatesh and I have been classmate and are from same place in Karnataka.

    My daughter will get in touch with you over your email id for more detail information. She is a US citizen by birth. Her name is Priyanka Kadaganchi.

    Looking forward for more interaction with you.

    Keep up the good work of inspiring future Astronauts.

    Have a great Thanks Giving day ahead.

    Warm regards,



  13. Shreya Aher

    Hello didi.. This is Shreya Aher from Ahmednagar. I am little jealous to know that my aim to of becoming first marathi girl to be an astronaut is completed by someone else.But still first of all Congrats. Now I need to tell you that now you are my inspiration and idol.Please contact me. I am really dying for advice. I want to be an vyomonaut or an astronaut. Everyone is demotivating me..But I still believe in me. I was looking for someone to help me..Now its your time to guide and support a aspirant. I have called you didi so its ur duty to help your younger sister to conquer the space.
    Please email me on
    Please..I really need your guidance.

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    1. Hi Shreya, There is always room for all of us! Trust me, there are several women astronaut aspirants from India out there, I have alone been contacted by several seeking guidance until now 🙂 I hope you got to read the “Answering your questions” section. The advice I have is get a good Masters degree in any of the STEM disciplines that interest you. And then get work experience, while you build your work experience, keep developing your skills like getting a pilots license, scuba certification and everything that I have mentioned in the Answering your questions section. Wishing you the best for your bright future! 🙂


  14. Hrishikesh Deshpande

    Hi Anima! Respect to you. You are doing a great job. Heard of you in news a few days back. Even I aspire to be an astronaut in future. I am desperate to become an astronaut as i love to explore things especially love space study and stuff related to space. But whenever i read articles on how do indians become astronaut and go in space , it always says that you compulsorily need a US /UK/Russia, etc. citizenship. This thing demoralises me. But I saw you and got some confidence. Please help me out and Please guide me on how to become an astronaut at NASA . Hope you help me.
    Thanks and regards,
    Hrishikesh Deshpande.

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    1. Hi Hrishikesh, yep becoming an astronaut is a tough dream to dream 🙂 I have been through several hardships and I still continue to be. Yes, you do need to be a US citizen for almost all aerospace jobs here in the US. I myself got to work for NASA only after I became a US Citizen, I got citizenship after having been in the US for 12 years. So nothing has been easy, trust me! To become a NASA Astronaut one does have to be a US Citizen. I get pinged by 100s of students who are pursuing MS in Aerospace fields, even internships at NASA are not open to students from some countries including India. I myself came to the US on a visa as a software engineer and it still took me 12 years to get citizenship here. The good news is, India is developing its astronautics program and I hear India plans to launch astronauts soon. Students in India should start preparing themselves for that, that is what I would suggest. Develop piloting skills, get scuba certifications, develop all such skills that will help you become physically fit and astronaut material.

      Wishing you the best for your bright future!



    Hi Anima !! We are proud of your achievements !!! It was only yesterday when my wife showed me a article in Chitralekha. I learned more about you from your website.
    It is unfortunate, I never knew about your achievements though I happened to be your uncle ( your father’s real cousin ). Probably you were schooling when I left Jalgaon for higher studies at VJTI Mumbai. Any way I am delighted to learn about you.
    I shall be asking my younger son Mandar so seek guidance and advise on career progression. He is a electrical Engineer currently working at Jacob’s Engg Mumbai as a project Management professional and Leaving for US for higher studies in Engineering Management at Duke University ( Fall 17 ).
    With best wishes !!


  16. Hi Anima! Great meeting you last night at the Silicon Valley Women of Influence awards. Please let me know if Women in Cleantech & Sustainability (WCS) can help you reach your goals!

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  17. Manjiri Kulkarni

    Hello mam.. I am Manjiri Kulkarni from Nashik(MH).. passionate about Space science and specially interested in ISRO.. I have completed my ME in computer science with 9.4 CGPA. Currently I am working as a software deveoper.. I want to achieve my dream in space science.. Please mam, help me out to find direction. My mail id :


    1. Akshay Sabale patil

      जगात खुप कमी लोक अस्तात जे आपल स्वप्न पूर्ण करतात. तुमचा अभिमान वाटतो मैडम.


  18. Superb Animaji!! I am very proud of your work. It is really great to see you working in a very challenging field, your skills to manage work-life balance. On top of that, your simplicity, it’s amazing. You are truly an inspiration!! __/\__
    All The very Best for your future endeavors!!

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    1. Hi Harpreet, where there is a will there is a way 🙂 So yes, to become an astronaut a degree in any of the STEM disciplines is necessary, which you already have. Just develop some astronautics skills, get a pilots license, scuba certification, stay physically fit, accumulate work experience and keep applying to become an astronaut. Whether you make it or not in the round you apply, keep developing newer skills. Remember there are many astronauts today, who have applied more than one time, some even 10 times, before they finally made it. So believe in yourself and keep at it. Wishing you the best for your bright future! 🙂


  19. Yogini

    Hi mam, I am an engineering student from Pune and I dream to become an astronaut. I’m in 1st year of engineering and believing to complete MS in USA.
    So my question is- what are the physical exercises recommend by you to be as fit as an astronaut? How should I train myself to become physically strong?


    1. Hi Yogini, there is no specific exercise you can do to train to become physically strong. I have been running, swimming, biking, hiking I get bored of doing one exercise, so I try and alternate between all these activities. I challenge myself occasionally as and when I get time with some adventure sports, I try running marathons. So yes, exercise regularly, and pick a form of exercise you love the most or alternate between some, all that matters is consistency. Be consistent and you will do great! 🙂 Wishing you the best for your bright future!


  20. Amey D Rane

    Anima mam plz come to Our college
    K.J.Somaiya Institute of Engineering and technology Sion,Mumbai
    In your India tour
    If possible….
    Plz give Your Inspiration to Our
    Students 🙏🙏🙏


  21. Yashdeep joshi

    Namaskar 🙏

    Myself yashdeep joshi from mumbai,i done in mechanical and done Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from BOMBAY FLYING CLUB .currently working with well known airlines as aircraft mechanic,
    I have very much intrest in building of sapcecraft and that too in NASA …its my dream can you guide me how i can reach NASA,? And what any other qualifications i need to achieve my dream…
    Khup khup dhyanawad….tumhi inspiration aahat…


  22. Sonal

    Congratulations for your achievements ….!!!..
    I was very much keen to know more about you so read your blog its very inspiring !! Thanks for sharing your experience…
    Hope this brings an upliftment to our womens in society specially India !!….


  23. prabal lahon

    hello mam
    I am prabal lahon from assam. I am now studying electronics and communication engineering .since i am studying ECE, i was constanly thinking about “i can’t go to the Astronomy side” ,and I was trying to keep aside my dream. when I 1st read your story, you became an inspiration for me. Mam ,I love astronomy. i don’t want to be an astronaut, but I want to work in the astronomy field. Mam,could you give me any advice what to do next. Can i do master in aerospace engineering?


  24. amit joshi

    अनिमाजी नमस्कार,

    आपल्या कारकिर्दीबद्दल, आपल्या जळगाव ते नासा या प्रवासाबद्दल ‘ झी 24 तास ‘ वृत्तवाहिनीला एक विस्तृत बातमी करायची आहे. यासाठी आपला वेळ मिळेल का, आपल्याला कोठे भेटणे योग्य ठरेल ??

    तसंच ‘ झी मराठी दिशा ‘ या आठवडापत्रासाठी ‘ बलशाली भारत ‘ या विषयांवर आपली मुलाखत घ्यायची आहे. कसा संपर्क करता येईल ??

    अमित जोशी,
    झी 24 तास, प्रतिनिधी, मुंबई.


  25. Arati Patil

    Hi ,Anima we are very proud of you !! I feel great thatathat at an Indian woman holds prestigious place at NASA. I also love your style of living life to its fullest .You contact your media friends, share your feelings. Most loveable are your two young hero.


  26. Hello madam,
    I would like to congratulate you for achieving such a great heights in India as well as in USA. Madam, I had watched each and every talk of you on youtube and I am totally pleaaed by such a humbleness in your speech and strength in your words.
    Madam, I had some questions and I want to ask you.
    So how should I contact you?


  27. Omkar Kshirsagar

    Hi Mam,
    First congratulations on your achievement. I am speaking on the behalf of Student Organization “HORIZON” at Lovely Professional University, Punjab which is the largest private university in India. Around 600+acres of land having different disciplines from Engineering to Journalism, Business, Hotel Management etc.
    As I know you since from last 5 years. And I am great fan/follower of yours. And I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our Student Organization is planning to organize an interactive session with you. Please suggest me your free slot for conducting this session.
    We all are requesting you to suggest your free scheduled dates so that we will plan for the date of the interactive session.So we are looking forward to your response to this event.
    We eagerly await your response.
    Thanks and regards,

    Omkar Kshirsagar
    Student Event Manager
    Student Organization Horizon
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab


  28. Hello Anima Mam,
    Congratulations on your achievement, you make us proud and established yourself as an example not only for women but for the men too!
    I am speaking on the behalf of Student Organization “HORIZON” at Lovely Professional University, Punjab which is the largest private university in India. Around 600+acres of land having different disciplines from Engineering to Journalism, Business, Hotel Management etc.
    As I know you since from last 5 years. And I am great fan/follower of yours. And I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our Student Organization is planning to organize an interactive session with you. Please suggest me your free slot for conducting this session.
    We are requesting you to suggest your free scheduled dates so that we will plan for a date of the interactive session.So we are looking forward to your response to this event.
    We eagerly await your response.
    Thanks and regards,

    Omkar Kshirsagar
    Organization Member
    Student Organization Horizon
    Lovely Professional University, Punjab


  29. Aditi Patwardhan

    Hello Anima,
    I was fortunate to hear you speak about your adventures at Gurukul’s annual day in Fremont a couple of years ago. (I am a friend of Vasudha Patwardhan.) I was wondering if you take classes for elementary school kids on space travel and astronomy. You may have heard, this year’s FLL theme “Into Orbit” focuses on the challenges of space travel so this is a topic very much on all the young kids’ minds. Please let me know if you would consider some class or speaking engagement.


  30. Abhijit Kapre

    Namaskar Anima ji,
    I am Abhijit Kapre from Jnana Prabodhini Vidyalaya, Harali, district Osmanabad. A state-level children’s science Congress is being organised at our school on 30 November. More than 150 students from all over Maharashtra are attending the event, majority of them are girls. Your life story would be really inspiring to them to pursue their dreams. Would it be possible for you to address/ interact with them through video conferencing? We can plan for a suitable time slot as per your convenience. We look forward to a positive response!


  31. Hello Mrs. Sabale. You recently spoke at a North Houston Space Society event and mentioned that you work with Jacobs & Orion Simulations Lab. The company I work for is currently machining parts for the Orion Spacecraft, and has recently worked with Jacobs as well. I’m reaching out to you to see perhaps if you, or any of your contacts might have the need for precision machined components. I’ll be glad to provide my contact information if you’re interested in sharing it with them. Let me know please.


  32. Dr Saroj Patil

    Hi Anima,
    I am Dr Saroj Patil, originally from Amalner, district Jalgaon. I am currently in uk.
    I watched your video from Charlotte . Very inspiring. Especially being a woman, you followed your passion.
    As you are from Jalgaon, I felt some connection with you. So thought I would email you. I will be delighted to hear from you.
    All the best!


  33. Shantanu C Prabhune

    Hi Anima,
    Congratulations on your achivements and the journey so far.
    I, Shantanu Prabhune, am working with Larsen & Toubro(L&T), Mumbai. ISRO has come up with an enquiry for development of crew seat for Indian Space Manned Mission. We at L&T wish to participate in the crew seat development programme.
    Exploring on seats developed by NASA, i landed on an article by Dusting Gohmert, Orion Crew Survival Team Lead on crew seat design for Orion program. This made me explore JSC, and doing so, i landed up on your website.

    I look forward to hearing from you and way ahead to explore JSC for the crew seat development.

    Shantanu Prabhune


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