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Over the past few years, I have been getting similar kind of questions from students, parents of students, fellow professionals and in general people who are interested in space exploration and career and/or internship opportunities in the space industry more-so at NASA. Here’s a compilation of some of the questions (in the picture) and of all my replies for you all to refer to at in one place and for me to share with everyone who might have similar questions.

1). What should I study to work for NASA or ISRO? (This mostly has been an inquiry for becoming astronaut, scientist, engineer or astronomer; even from parents of kids as young as 5 years, which I think is cool! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

You can pick up one of your favorite STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) fields and pursue a degree in that. What is more important is picking something that you will love working on all your life and will never ever get tired of.

To apply to the astronaut program you need to have a Bachelors in one of the STEM areas, although most astronauts NASA selected have been PhD’s.

To be an astronomer or astrophysicist you need to have a degree in Astronomy or Astrophysics.

To be an engineer get a degree in your field of interest in engineering, be it electrical, software, mechanical, chemical – We have a variety of engineers working at NASA on different projects/missions.
If your interest lies in building aircrafts, spacecrafts, rockets, then get a degree in aeronautical or aerospace engineering.
To become a scientist / researcher in any of these areas you will need to get a Ph.D in your area of interest.

But again, like I have been reminding parents too, students should pursue a degree in the area of their choice and interest. That way they will enjoy learning now and working in their field of choice in the future.

2). Where can I apply for internships at NASA? I am not a US citizen, can I still apply for internship at NASA?

Some not all NASA internships require the students to be a US citizen. I have seen many students from around the world attend summer internships here at NASA Ames. So go ahead and put in your best application if the internship requirement does not mention Applicant must be US Citizen

Keep looking for internship opportunities on the NASA website in the ‘For Students’ section. The section has been updated to make looking for internship opportunities easier.

In the US, there are several other aerospace companies (meaning other than NASA) you can apply to for internships. They will however need you to be a US citizen.

I would say we start a ‘movement’ to encourage ISRO to provide internship opportunities for all our talented students from India, if it doesn’t already ๐Ÿ™‚. It’s about time and I am sure ISRO can use some help and fresh, new talent to work on its missions.

3). How can I become an astronaut?

By not only getting the right education but also by expanding your skillset as much as possible. As we plan for deep space missions, astronauts will have to be independent, self-reliant if anything breaks in their spacecraft, habitat, rover or their own bodies. So you see they will have to fix anything to everything!

To become a NASA Astronaut, NASA requires you to have:
i). A Bachelors degree in one of the STEM fields
ii). Minimum 3 years experience or at least 1,000 pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft
iii). Ability to pass the NASA long-duration Astronaut physical

More details are on the NASA Website but these are the minimum requirements and I can bet none of the astronauts to date have just had these bare minimum requirements. They have all had PhD’s or Masters and have been experts in their fields before they became astronauts, or they have come from an army/navy/airforce background. So broaden your skill sets and try to master each and everyone of them.

4). How do you manage working towards your dream job while working and taking care of family?

It is a matter of being dedicated and never giving up, be it taking care of family, or my work or my dream. If you have the will and can be persistent and keep going slowly but steadily, you will inch towards your goal no matter how many hurdles you have to overcome. In the face of resistance, discouragement, never giving up and believing in yourself is what takes one through tough times.

And working towards your goals doesn’t mean compromising your duties in any way. In fact being a Mom, I strive more to give my family the topmost priority and my dreams the last. Seeing your persistence everyone around you starts understanding and supporting you, so be true to yourself, to your duties and to your dream and everything will start falling in place. (Ok, now I will stop sounding ‘preachy’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

In the end, I want to add, always have a backup plan. Some dreams are tough to achieve so never put all your eggs in one basket! Work towards it but also think, what if this doesn’t work out? Will I be frustrated, disappointed and give up on everything? Trust me, I have come to such points in life, but I have never believed in giving up. If for some reason things don’t work out for me like I planned or dreamed, I will fall back to my backup plan – continue working in the area of my interest and keep on enjoying what I do. So always have a back up plan while you keep working towards your goals. And remember, if a lady with kids, job and responsibilities can keep going towards her dream, then you youngsters can definitely do so and even much more! ๐Ÿ™‚

So finally, best wishes for your bright and successful futures! ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions

  1. Komal Ashok Karale

    I am a student..I have taken admission for the first year in engineering..I have a great desire to become an astronaut since my childhood.. I am not getting the right direction to complete my dream.. Their is no one who tell me about it.. Still I search on different websites.. But it will be better if you guide me.. I am curiously waiting for your reply.. If you get time then please please please leave a reply.. Thank you for being a role model for many of growing up like me…..


  2. Hi Komal, not sure how I missed your question. But the answers to all your questions are already in my post. I will repeat them for you in brief. Complete your degrees and work on creating a diverse skillset as mentioned above and also in the Staying Fit section on this website. Start working for an aerospace company ISRO if possible. I hear India plans to launch astronauts and ISRO is working on a spacecraft to launch astronauts in space. If you want to work for NASA, you need to be a US citizen which is a very lengthy process. I am updating this “Answering your questions” section to include those details. Hope it helps. Wishing you a bright future, keep working towards your dream and never give up no matter the hurdles. All the best! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Suchismita Singha

      Hello mam, I have completed my M.Sc in Biotechnology. After knowing that engineering degree is must for being an astronaut, I am very hopeless feeling that the chances of my dreams getting success has almost gone. But still I want to know is there any way to get into this for the bio background students? Or there is chances then I would like to know that what are those exact ways. If you guide me in this regard I may be successful to fulfill my dreams. Please give me a reply.


      1. Hi , I think your best option would be to pursue something like a MS in BioEngineering. Like mentioned on my website check , look at the bios of astronauts what qualifications they have had. Also look into space related research in Biotechnology , that will give you some direction. Research online, there are plenty of resources, you will definitely find some guidance in online articles . From my personal experience, doing my own personal research on topics of interest has helped me find my way most of the times. Wishing you the best for a bright future ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Sakshi Pradip Solanke

    Hello ma’am, I am student and just completed my 12th. I have great interest in aerospace branch but some how I could not collect enough grade to get admission in aerospace engineering. What should I do now? Can you please help me


  4. Raksha Jathanna

    Hi… I am a graduate with distinction in electronics and communication engineering and a post graduate with a gold medal in Astronomy and Space Engineering (A course by Manipal Institute of Technology). I have pursued my 1 year project work in ISRO.
    It’s always been my dream to become an astronaut/scientist. I recently got married and my in laws and husband wish that I pursue my dream. Since the specialisation I have opted in Masters is a very different one I don’t know whether I should pursue a MS in US or directly take up Ph.d.
    Again I am confused as to do it in electronics or a subject of my masters (like orbital mechanics)
    Kindly help me as I am really confused
    I prayed to god and I found this site.. hoping to hear from you soon
    Thank you


  5. Suman Kalyan Mandal

    Hi Anima,
    Thank you for making India proud!
    My question is that how can I contribute my knowledge in Space Centre/Science as a graduate engineer in the Textile Engineering field? Is there any role of a Textile Engineer in Space Science/Design?

    Happy to be answered from you.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š.


  6. Samiksha

    Hello ma’am this is samiksha . Actually I m interested in doing master’s aeronautical engineering and right now I need persuading my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering . So my question to you is what should be my career path according to you like what should I do after completion of my bachelor’s and another question is if I want to do master’s so which foreign or Indian university is good for persuing aeronautical engineering.
    Thank you


  7. Abhiram Belorkar

    Albert Einstein said that this universe is limited. It is bounded. Spirituality gives its answer.. Yes this universe is limited and there is existance of god beyond this universe. So mam what you think? Is this universe bounded?


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