Microgravity Spacesuit Evaluation

Alrighty, here is a super-short raw footage of my microgravity experience. Thank you for your patience while I dealt with delayed flight getting home issues and then putting this together. I have done my best to answer your questions here about my experience. Feel free to ask more.

We performed 15 of the planned 18 parabolas as we ran out of air supply for cooling the spacesuit. The protocol is to terminate flight if there is not enough air supply. Each parabola gave us 20 to 23 seconds of microgravity experience, which we thought would be very short, but trust me, it feels long and enough to perform assigned tasks!

All 5 of us crew members had tremendous fun with all 15 parabolas, with only one of us getting sick yet doing his best in helping us with the tasks! Such great team spirit!

I was giggling, laughing and singing all along (when not performing tasks), no wonder then our pilots labeled me with the call sign of ‘HAPPY’ which, I am not complaining about. This video has footage of just 3 parabolas, of which the first 2 were acclimatization and range of motion test and the third was a switchboard sample collection task. Since I am a dancer too, I decided to try some Indian semi-classical dance moves for the range of motion tests, and so you see me perform those.I had such a great time and could keep going the entire day, I did not feel nausea or motion sickness while we transited between 2 G’s and Zero-G and totally enjoyed the entire experience. Got to prove to myself yet again, I totally am Astronaut Material! A huge thanks to Project PoSSUM and Final Frontier Design and the supercool staff of the National Research Council, Canada for this awesome experience!


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