Space Workshop Pune, India

Bringing my popular Space Workshops to India!! Coming first to Pune!

Airplanes and Rockets to build, test and launch.
Habitable zone, Earth like planets, the Kepler Mission to learn about.
Their own planets to model!
Living on Mars to discuss and a Martian habitat to construct
Astronautics and what it takes to become an Astronaut to learn about!

Do these sound like some super fun STEAM activities you would like your child to work on with me this summer? Then sign them up for my workshops. We will have tonnes of fun as we learn!

Venue and Fees : TBD | Dates: May 2020 |

My background in brief: I am currently managing the Orion Spacecraft Simulations Lab at NASA Johnson Space Center (Jacobs). I am also a Scientist-Astronaut Candidate for commercial space research projects. Feel free to look me up on linkedin, or connect with me on social media: ||

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