FB Go-Live for Being Marathi

Rockstar Speaker At the ‘Design-Code-Build’ Event for Computer History Museum

The 6G Experience!

Here we go! Raw footage of my spin on my cellphone until the official one comes in from NASTAR. This was the 2nd spin, an easier profile (of the XCOR Lynx) compared to the first spin; which was the Virgin Galactic profile – 6G’s from chest to back by itself – so must have been a combined 7 or 8G, will be interesting to watch that vdo as I have used the anti-G maneuvers in that one. Fun experience overall though!

The High-G Flight

My High-G Flight Movie at Project PoSSUM! First attempt at ‘movie making’ and I am in love with this!! A new hobby for sure 😉 ! (Excuse the vibrations in some portions, I was after all holding the phone and shooting while going upside down and what not ! :-p ) Watch me and my arms float a bit just slightly before halfway thru the video when we hit Zero-G! Do tell me how it turned out?! and Enjoy! 🙂

My Scientist-Astronaut Candidate Hypoxia Training Video for Project PoSSUM.

This is in the SAMI (Southern AeroMedical Institute) hyperbaric chamber. The lower rightmost window is where you see my stats – oxygen levels and heart rate. Notice as the oxygen levels start dropping, my heart rate just shoots up; although, I didn’t feel it beating faster at all even though I felt the hypoxia symptoms! :) Flying to a high altitude and being able to recognize the symptoms of hypoxia setting in, in case of cabin decompression, is an important skill for a pilot/astronaut so they can save themselves and their crew. Am glad I was able to recognize the onset of hypoxia and ‘return’ alive :)


Women’s Day Interview on Zee 24 Hours Marathi News Channel, India

  • Zee 24 Taas TV Women’s Day Inteview – Part 1:


  • Zee 24 Taas TV Women’s Day Inteview – Part 2:

  • Zee 24 Taas TV Women’s Day Inteview – Part 3:

  • Zee 24 Taas TV Women’s Day Inteview – Part 4:


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